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 Janitorial and Landscaping Careers
If you're looking for better pay or better benefits then give us a shout and let's see if we are a good fit.  Just as we customize service plans to match our customers needs we also customize our associate benefits to match individual and family needs.  Need better health care? Would you prefer an employer matched retirement plan? Flexible work schedule? Or would you just like to receive more compensation for all the hard work you put in every day?  We try to match our compensation packages to your individual needs of security and stability. 
maid and janitorial service
Everyday needs of paying bills and providing for your families and your future are of course important but we are also looking for people with long term goals in mind.  In the cleaning and landscaping industries it is the people that wear the gloves that make the company.  They are the ones ultimately responsible for the customers satisfaction.  We know this and we structure compensation appropriately that is intended to be geared toward the future. 
Any Jane or John Doe can start a cleaning or landscaping business fairly easily.  Many people clean a few houses a week on the side or cut some lawns in the evenings after their full time job.  They do a great job and it is good side income.   Some people work for our franchise or employer owned competitors and do an amazing job everyday as well.  Our goal here at Grimebusters is to combine all of these people that have a passion for customer service and provide them better overall benefits for all their hard work through ownership at the glove level.  Our overall philosophy is that growth of the company can only be achieved with the growth of each individual that make the company up. 
We prefer to have a huge number of satisfied customers and associates rather than have customer's service be off some days because associates are not happy with their employment situation.  The only way to achieve this is through individual ownership at the glove level of service.  By combining the individual initiative of one person businesses with the group benefits of health care, retirement, and economies of scale it is our belief that we can compete more affectively than both the individual business and the large franchise or employer owned companies. 
If you love to do the things most people don't like to do or just love to see the smiles of those you do them for and want to be a part of something bigger then please give us a call or e-mail.